July 6, 2020

Drone Survey Company Infographic



A survey from a company using drone technology is the latest and most accurate method for producing data that all surveyors will find invaluable. The drone gives access to locations that would otherwise be impossible to achieve using traditional surveying methods. Fast and time-efficient pass the savings onto your client and benefit from a new revenue stream that benefits all. Any drone survey company can give you advice and information.

Helidrone Surveys infographic
Helidrone Surveys infographic

Accurate and efficient data

With a drone survey, you can collect limitless amounts images and video data. Utilising this data can help you create accurate reports as well as presenting it in a variety of formats such as: Point cloud 3D imaging, 2D orthophotograhic mapping and Geo tagged data for map integration.

Reduce Survey Costs and Field Time

Using a drone to capture topographical data is 5x faster than traditional surveying methods.

As using a drone involves less manpower costs can be reduced and efficiencies increased, the data produced is same day for fast-track operations.

Access the inaccessible...

A drone survey company will give you access to the IMPOSSIBLE, being able to direct and position the aircraft to any point in space you get the birds-eye from every angle. We collect you the information that would otherwise have been unobtainable in the past.

if you require more information about booking a drone survey on your site please contact us here at Helidrone Surveys 

We have been operating since 2014 and have conducted hundreds of drone surveys across the UK. We have a large client base ranging from RICS survey firms to construction companies and roofing contractors. We are very active on social media and you will find more information about our previous work if you search our channel.

Our operatives have are licensed from the CAA and safety is our highest priority, we're flexible and passionate about our work so please contact us: info@helidronesurveys.co.uk


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