November 21, 2022

The limited access, access...

This location was not one of our usual access spaces. In order to get onsite and find a place to launch the drone from was a challenge in itself, we had to walk through the estate agents shop, this gave us access to the extremely small rear court yard area.

Access to the flat roof of the mixed unit usage unit.

the Herne Hill retail location
back to SE24 for another roof inspection
PICTURE COMPILATION- this is the detail captured

Every now and then we have challenging spaces like this to perform a drone inspection, not an issue we love the challenge, every job we do is different and exciting and relish what our clients throw at us.

The aim of the game..

Here our building management client needed to know what was happening on the flat roof some leakage had been reported. As you can see from the birds eye view this would have been a nightmare location to put scaffolding up or get a raised platform access, located next to a busy main road, with very narrow foot way. A big logistical problem with many days of notice period to the local authority, never easy! 

Close up Detail
get we get any closer
the birds eye view of the drainage system
the hopper and house plant

Using the UAS is perfect we can get all round the perimeter and elevations, check out the gutters and hopper (look carefully what’s blocking it!) .

spoil on the flat roof
what else can we find? A kitchen sink ?

Apparently there had been issues with damp on the top floor, our photos could pick up the flat roof issues with the bitumen over material bunched up among other problems. Was it installed correctly?

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