March 11, 2023

The Client Testimonial #12

the residential block
what the customer had to say about our service

Receiving the feedback from our clients...

listening and understanding what the client requirements are is so important, we always encourage the surveyors, management or home owners to be on site whenever we drone inspect their sites.

Understanding Customers Needs

Every site is different, even though they may look the same we still have to understand what the surveyor is looking for and what type of information they require. Here, there was an issue with a leak above the main lift shaft of the building. We flew the drone over the lift plant in order to try and ascertain where the water may be entering. In this case it wasn't so obvious and we captured as much detail as we could .

our client Jack

Roof Condition...

Whilst on site we gave the surveyor, Jack as much data as we could capturing all the data, in stills shots and video of the whole roof space, this included checking the gutters and drainage situation, how are the roof material holding out, are there any other signs of corrosion that may need maintenance. Anything we can find is useful for the surveyors to include in their reports back to their clients. This shows due diligence and makes everyone aware of potential problems that may arise.

roof furniture

Drones are cost-effective when compared to other inspection methods such as scaffolding or cherry pickers. They require fewer personnel than traditional inspection teams which means less time spent on site and consequently lower costs for clients.

How are the gutters performing?
the lift shaft plant
client feedback
a drones eye view

If you wish HeliDrone Surveys to perform a roof inspection on any of your properties please contact us for a chat and we can talk through all your requirements.

client testimonial talkative
listening to our clients - it's so important

If you require drone surveying in the UK, contact HeliDrone Surveys for more information about their services.

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