March 18, 2020

How Drones Can Help with Property Maintenance

Property managers usually juggle with many different projects at once. They always look for ways to improve efficiency between their new as well as existing projects to save time and money.

Amidst all the latest advancements happening in the construction industry, drone technology is redefining the development, construction, and any construction process' for project managers.

Drones are great at transforming complex tasks. They are making the process of property maintenance easier and safer for construction professionals. A large number of professional project managers and building consultants are making use of UAVs or drones for maintaining their buildings and projects.

Here’s a list of some benefits that drones offer to project managers while simplifying the process of property maintenance:

Top 5 Benefits of Drones for Property Maintenance


1. Enable 3-D Modeling for Site Surveys

One of the most common applications of drone technology is its ability to conduct 3D scans of an existing property. Drones capture high-resolution photos that designers use to create a 3D point model. This 3D modeling of a building helps in getting exact measurements ranging from the vast parking lot to even the smallest window of a building. As drones provide accurate data about the existing condition of a building, it becomes easier to sketch a plan when you are looking for the renovation of a building.


3d building model drone

3d buidling model

2. Offer Aerial Photography for Roof Inspection

Property managers require aerial images for documenting the existing state of property for insurance purposes. These images are also used for the development of the property.

Aerial photographs make it possible to get a better overview of the property. The primary factor that counts in the long-term performance of a roofing system is the drainage system of the roof. The better the drainage, the longer the performance of the roof. Aerial imagery provides clear access to the overall drainage patterns of the roof. That’s why hiring a professional drone-savvy roof consultant is a cost-effective and quick solution for property managers.



3. Provide Aerial Infrared Services

Many building owners use infrared scanning services to access the roofing condition of their buildings. Infrared technology is very helpful in locating the trapped moisture within roofing systems. The infrared cameras in drones capture photos of the infrared energy patterns being emitted from the roofs. These photos help determine the trapped moisture in that particular location.

drones property maintainence, construction and project value

drones property maintainence, construction and project value


4. Make Property Marketing Easier

There’s no doubt that drones can capture images and videos unlike anything else. They can reach hard to access areas which humans can’t. Aerial pictures of a property are worth a lot when you talk about marketing and drones do that in a cost-effective manner.

Drones are revolutionizing the marketing practices for residential as well as commercial properties. They have completely altered the way property marketing industry because of their ability to acquire video footage from angles that are either not possible or expensive to capture. Such footages turn out to be a game-changer for marketing purposes.

5. Assist with Maintenance and Damage Assessment

Drones are not only useful during the construction or renovation of the building. They serve their purpose even after the construction phase is over. All the data captured by a drone can be used to plan long-term maintenance of the building. Besides that, drones can also help to access the damage caused by a tornado or a hurricane and make it easier for the owners to renovate and upgrade their assets for the future.

Aerial Drones for Property

Wrap Up

We cannot deny the importance of infrastructure because it is essential for economic growth, competitiveness, and social progress of a country. Almost all the historical and commercial buildings require some maintenance from time to time.

Building new infrastructures is great for the development of a country. However,  it is also important to keep an eye on the existing projects and provide adequate maintenance to them.

Using drones to find out and monitor property maintenance issues before the situation gets worse can help avoid costly replacements and repairs. The life cycle and worth of existing facilities can be lengthened by employing drones to make small improvements and delay new capital expenditures. You can save thousands, millions, or billions of dollars just by reducing exposure to safety risks.

If you want to know more about this topic, feel free to get in touch with HeliDrone Surveys.

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