February 18, 2022

A Drone Survey Company: How Much Does a Drone Survey Cost in 2022?

Surveys offered by a drone survey company start at about £200+VAT for straightforward inspections, and can be upwards of £400+VAT for larger sites. Traditional methods of site surveying often require cranes which can cost upwards of £1000 to hire.

Uses of Drone Surveys

Drone surveys have many uses for a wide range of industries. Businesses use drone mapping in roofing, construction and town planning. Drone surveys provide accurate photographic and videographic data that businesses use to construct two and three-dimensional maps and models.

UK Drone Survey Company

Some other uses for drone surveys include:

  • Architecture
  • Legal disputes
  • Land division and property boundary investigations
  • Major accident investigations
  • Crop and livestock management
  • Building conservation

So, what is the cost of a drone survey in 2022?

The Cost of Hiring a Drone Survey Company

The cost of hiring a drone survey company will vary depending on a few key features. Routine surveys such as a roof, chimney or guttering inspection will cost around £200 +VAT, whereas larger property surveys would cost upwards of £400 +VAT.

Site Area

The size of the site area is the biggest factor in determining the cost of your survey. Drones, especially quadcopter drones, have a limited battery life of between 30 – 60 minutes. As a result, drone mapping of larger sites may require multiple flights to collect enough data.

The larger the site, the more flights are necessary to collect the photographs and data. Although flights are planned beforehand, this still adds to the time it takes to complete the survey, which increases the cost.

Desired Accuracy

The accuracy of the data that the drone survey collects will also have a big impact on the cost. This is mainly because increasing the accuracy of the survey means it will take longer. The best way of increasing the accuracy of drone mapping is to fly the drone closer to the subject site. This means that drones cover a smaller area per minute.

If a drone survey company needs to set up ground control checkpoints to increase the global accuracy of the survey, this will also add to the cost. Read more about drone survey accuracy here.

Drone mapping in the UK

Data Collected

The desired output of the drone survey will also have an impact on how much it will cost. Data processing technology is constantly improving and so the range of options for various maps and models that are produced is becoming more diverse.

Two-dimensional maps and high-resolution photographs are fairly standard offerings of a drone survey company, but if you require more specific drone mapping (such as an orthomosaic map, thermal imaging map, LiDAR point cloud or topographic map) then this will likely cost more.

Preparation Required

The amount of preparation required before a drone survey takes place will also have an impact on the price. Drone survey companies do most of the work in advance. This is when they will plan the flight path and conduct any risk assessments.

If a particular site needs more preparation, perhaps it is particularly inaccessible or there are limitations concerning nearby restriction zones, then this will likely add to the cost of the survey. A drone survey company will usually visit the site in person before planning a drone mapping flight in order to establish any extra difficulties that the site may present.

UK Drone Survey Company

Number of Operators

In addition to this, complex flights may require more than one operator to be present. This is likely to increase the cost of the drone survey, as more expertise is required to carry out the drone mapping survey safely and effectively.

Occasionally a drone survey will require one operator to pilot the drone and another to control the camera. There may also be additional people required if traffic needs to be controlled or members of the public need to be kept clear of the site for their safety.

Choosing a Drone Survey Company

When choosing a drone survey company, it is important to bear in mind the cost of the survey, but also the expertise of the drone operators. Drone operators in the UK must register and obtain a license from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). Make sure you check that the drone survey company you’re working with are sticking to the rules.

Another factor to consider is the turnaround time of the footage. A drone survey company such as HeliDrone Surveys can get your accurate data to you quickly so that you can use it to inform your construction, conveyancing or legal decisions.

Are you looking for a UK drone company in 2022?

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