October 14, 2022

The Flat Roof Inspection

This is a huge flat roof space that a #roof #inspection was requested for.
We needed to capture the information for the surveyor who was writing a condition report for their client.

The wider picture
The flue up stands

The #drone made access to the site 360 for full coverage, we picked up on details like the party wall, edging structure making close contact with any flues and of course we needed to get in close to the gutter.

These large flat roof spaces are certainly prone to the weather and as such any sitting water highlights the drainage issues so always note worthy (if the #weather plays ball)

bitumen roof
looking across the space

The #situation here was a new development within the building, where the roof had (recently) in the last 2-3 years had the felt/bitumen relaid. As such how was the #construction holding out, was it performing well, any maintenance required?

For any new #development the roof is the front line for weather so a huge investment and this one looks like it’s performing well.

Drone Survey Company

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the important details:

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