December 17, 2018

How drones can boost property sales and your bottom line

House buyers and Sellers

Boost Property sales has had a bumpy ride in the last decade. House buyers are more choosy than ever before about how they spend their hard earned cash on their biggest and most personal purchase. It’s a competitive market out there and some areas are even more cut throat than others. So, just how do you get that competitive edge when you’re selling properties?

How drones can boost property sales and your bottom line

One way of bringing a new vision to real estate is by literally. Giving buyers a new perspective on properties through the use of drone photography and video. Drones are an excellent way of giving buyers a bird’s eye view of a property. They allow you to hover over the property and take a video or multiple imagery showing the true layout of the location.

Boost Property sales

Using drones to take photographs and video enables potential buyers to get a really clear view of the property from above. It can show the property in its best light and give a clear picture of the layout of the gardens. Property and outbuildings plus its location in relation to roads and key infrastructure. The aim of estate agents is to draw in buyers and to engage and hold. Their attention for long enough for them to study the property and fall in love with it. Viewing a property from above is the perfect way to do that. Drone photography brings a unique perspective to a property viewing and enables people to hone in on particular features. And see if that property fits their needs from the outside in.

Boost Property sales Boost Property sales

Get the Professionals in...

A professional drone surveyor can show a property in its best light. And ensure that a professional video is created showing a smooth flow around the property. A well recorded and edited video can increase online engagement. Creating a buzz about the property. Getting people talking and allowing people to see a side of the property that would not. Otherwise be possible can mean the difference to getting more successful viewings...

.Boost Property sales

Drones are literally taking property real estate to a new high. More and more people look forward to seeing new properties on the market purely. Because they’re able to get a view from on high. Images and video create much better engagement. Getting people talking sharing, tweeting and liking your properties. Sales of drones have increased 40% over in 2017 according to Gartner research. However, there are still only a small number of specialist drone operators. Who have the experience to provide a really high quality video and photographic imagery.

Boost Property sales

Featuring the property

Showcasing a property from above can show stunning features which would not otherwise be seen. However, you must ensure you employ a professional as drone operator as regulation is a minefield of health, safety and legal regulations. So make sure that your drone video is not only professional but showcases what you have to offer. With HeliDrone you'll get the extra content required. Make sure your on site during the survey so that you can point out any features and plus points of the property. Tell your neighbours as well. As you don't want them getting any surprises! So boost your bottomline and get buyers in viewing your rental. And sales portfolio with a drone property video and photography service.

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