September 28, 2021

Drone Surveys in Restricted Airspace (East London)


Working in central London always has its challenges, such a built up and vibrant city, constantly going through changes in construction and redevelopment, we usually have a great deal of planning where ever we conduct a drone mission from.

Here in East London less than 1km from the end of the City Airport was no exception. This airspace is known as an #RFZ or Restricted Flight Zone. In order to operate a drone from here we must apply for special permissions.

The Thames looking west
The Thames looking west

Our first port of call is through the CAA and their NATS system, who we have to apply to for obtaining a Non Standard Flight application. Another great resource is the amazing Drone Safety Map which shows all the restricted areas for drone flights in the UK

This involves telling them all the relevant details and reasons for the drone flight not least and most obviously the landing and take off location. If as it was in this particular location next to the airport we must then jump their hoops in order to receive permissions.

Once permissions are granted we then must give notice for the operation to take place, of course the logistics of planning through the land owner any additional crew, on site security and of course the major player - Weather have to be considered.

When we have ticked all the boxes and with everyone singing from the same hymn sheet we can finally get the drone in the air and achieve what the client is looking for with regard to photography and video media!

This time we hit the new #developments of London's #docklands

Here as the location was so close to London's City airport we were required to gain permissions from via #CAA and NSF application.All #granted (with caveats)nevertheless with planning, and careful procedures in place we can proceed with the operation, all #safe and controlled.

What a spectacular location to capture data from. We are lucky be be able to fly from these locations.

redevelopment in East London drone photography
redevelopment in east London drone photography

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