December 7, 2019

Drone Surveys for the Hospitality Industry - Pros & Cons

"Drone Surveys for the Hospitality Industry" The hospitality industry continues is always looking for innovation to improve customer services and increase the operations of its business. Considering the growing popularity and advantages of drones, this industry is now beginning to use drones to perform different tasks with a higher level of accuracy and efficiency. The versatility of drones has enabled hotels to develop products and services that would once have seemed impossible...

Drones are bringing new life to websites, giving customer service reps another tool to use for their emails and social media which always benefits from fresh content. Drones can deliver accurate results to data hungry customers whom are looking for those additional services that may entice them to staying at the resort.

How Drones are Upgrading the Hospitality Industry

The modern traveler is information hungry. They want as much data as possible before booking a hotel or resort for a holiday. You cannot fool a holiday shopper these days by only using flattering angles that make your building or pools look amazing from one angle alone.

Drone Surverys in the Hospitality Industry

Today’s traveler can search hotels with just a click and can view real-time images & views to before finalizing their holiday decisions. The more information you provide people to help them in their decision-making process, the greater are the chances to convert them into customers. Whenever there are gaps in the available information, people are more likely to skip to the next resort fearing the unpleasant consequences.

Advantages of Drones in the Hospitality Industry

Here’s how the hospitality industry is making use of drones at both hotels and resorts:

  1. Marketing with Aerial Photography

Modern hotels and resorts are benefitting with the use of aerial photography that has been taken with the help of drones. Using aerial photographs from a drone to showcase their hospitality location as well as the interior & exterior of the buildings to offer a clear images to their potential customers. They are also creating impressive video content from the drones to entice the audience so that they can book a stay at their resort or hotel.

  1. Drones for Room Service

Some hotels are using drones to carry out room service to guests in order to ensure that the food is delivered without any delays to their room. The drones can travel at a faster speeds compared to staff members delivering the room service. The technology may currently be a trend but can be here to stay due to the efficiency that it offers and its ability to impress guests!

  1. Mapping with Drones

Drones are used to create accurate maps that resorts can provide for their guests. These maps help guests in navigating the hotel and the outside of the building and local areas when moving around. This technology saves on staff time and improves on efficiency rather than having to provide directions to guests or guiding them to different areas on the ground.

Drone Surveys for the Hospitality Industry

  1. Drones for Surveillance

Drones make it possible view in 3D instead of a 2D frame. This helps security teams to monitor hotel buildings, parking lots, and other venues more carefully as well as cost-efficiently. This is more economical than hiring huge security-crew to sit in front of surveillance cameras 24/7.

Risks of Drones in the Hospitality Industry

  1. Data Theft

Industrial drones usually have simple computer architecture and they are not highly secure. Besides that, most of the data that a drone collects is unencrypted. Hackers can use standard debug tools to hack the data and can get an entryway into the company’s wireless network.

  1. Liability Due to Mishaps

Due to frequency interference or hacking system failure, a drone can loose control. This can result in a collision with another aircraft or can harm hotel staff or guests. That’s why any hotel or resort that uses a drone should carry liability insurance.

Drone Surveys for the Hospitality Industry

Final Words

Whenever a new technology is introduced, it always has its own share of risks and challenges. However, drones have proven their worth within a very short period of time by generating miraculous results in different industries. Technology this advanced is an art as much as it is a skill. Capturing aerial views and collecting useful data has never been this easy before the advent of drones. They are faster, more effective, more efficient, and capture a very compelling perspective.

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