December 3, 2020

Case Study 3 - Cut Edge Corrosion

So what is cut edge corrosion and why does it happen?

Cut edge corrosion
a cut edge corrosion example

Well its a manufacturing failure issue from corrugated steel sheeting that has been inadequately been rust proofed. Because the treatment of the steel has failed water has made contact with the low quality steel and started to degrade thus rusting.

As the metal expands through rusting the plastic or painted coating begins to lift off and eventually crack and decompose.


cut edge corrosion failure
cut edge corrosion failure
retail park corrosion
retail park corrosion edge rusting

Here at HeliDrone Surveys we see many cases of cut edge corrosion take a look at the film above, we where asked by our client to survey the retail unit and high light any examples of the corrosion we could find.

Case study .pdf edge corrosion
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